December 24, 2007

The yards (and meters too) are all behind us, the bags are all packed, and here we sit in an airport at four-o-something in the morning. Am I glad it's all over? Of course! Would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat.

Thanks go out to Greg, Tom, and all the people that made this training trip so successful, and thanks go out to the team for pushing me so hard all week long. There were, admittedly, times this week that made me feel like giving up (100 x 50's long course anyone?) but all it took to get going again was a glance across the lane lines and away we went. The moral of the story is this Carthage mens swim team is not the same group that it was coming into this week. Like the six million dollar man we have been rebuilt as better, faster, and stronger swimmers, and I would like to think that goes for us as people too. So train hard Wheaton, because ready or not, here come the new and improved Carthage Red Men!

Nathan Ripley
Carthage College Men's Swimming

Please Excuse My Typos
This was typed by my fat little
thumbs on Greg's fancy little phone at an airport at four in the morning.



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