December 14, 2008

Well day one has come and gone and things started off well for the Red Men swim-team. Saturday began with a ride on the yellow school bus to the airport. Our flight out of midway went well and we arrived in Atlanta on time. we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went straight to the next flight to Florida. As i was walked back to my seat there was already a elderly woman sitting there. she showed me her ticket and we were both assigned the same seat so i sat in the empty seat next to her. she seemed a little confused and was surprised the flight was so short.
as we got off the plane there was a man ready to push her through the airport in a wheelchair. he welcomed her to fort myers to which she replied where is fort myers. apparently she was supposed to be heading to las vegas and somehow managed to sneak onto the wrong flight.

other than that the travels were surprisingly uneventful. none of our luggage was lost and we arrived in Venice just in time to head to the pool for our first practice. it didn't take us long to remember how nice it is to practice outdoors. with one practice under our belts we got settled in to our hotels. two bus rides, two flights, and one swim practice left the guys pretty tired and ready to get some sleep. one day down and ten left to go. i am sure we will be having our fair share of practices and sore muscles in these upcoming days, but it is hard to complain while we are enjoying the 80 degrees weather. well before i sign off i better wish my grandma a happy birthday.
hope all is well back home, we will keep you updated on the blog.
Tom Stowe



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