May 1, 2010

With Spring here, the days are getting longer. Of course with finals coming close, some days will be REALLY long, but congratulations go out to current Red Men Adam Van Huis and 2002 grad DJ Hessenthaler for finishing the inaugural Wisconsin Marathon today (congrats also go out to DJ's wife and former Lady Red Chera for finishing ahead of both in her 1/2 marathon).

Adam finished in 4:06:51, calling it a great experience. He was out holding 8:30's for the first half and then 10:00's after that.

DJ finished in 5:29:51, the operative word being finished. Writing on his Facebook he said the race was "Horrible. It was too hot and I got dehydrated. First 16 miles were doing great. Last 10 I felt like death. Almost gave up completely for a while. "

BUT he didn't, much like John Stephen Ahkwari. Don't know who he is? He ran for Tanzania in the 1968 Olympics. Midway through the marathon, Ahkwari fell and dislocated his kneecap. He didn't quit though, he finished last - but he finished something 17 others didn't. When asked why he answered, "You don’t understand. My country did not send me to Mexico City to start the race. They sent me to finish."

Oh man, less than ten weeks until I undertake a 50 km run.



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