August 7, 2006

Carthage welcomes Danielle Korman as its new Graduate Assistant. A nine-time All-American, Dani has played a pivotal role with both the Kenyon Ladies and the Total Performance Swim Camp. Peter Fick took some time out of his schedule to ask Dani some questions about her arrival on the Lake Michigan campus.

PF: What attracted you to Carthage College?

Dani: Carthage is an institution with high academic standards while valuing athletics and extra-curricular activities for students to promote well-rounded individuals. These values, along with the institution’s mission the scenery and individuals make it an enjoyable place to be. It is a place I know I can learn and grow at.

PF: What did you like about Division III swimming?

Dani: I loved the dynamic between academics and athletics offered at Division III schools. I felt I would get a quality education while still having the opportunities athletic wise of a Division I school. Division III swimming is a very supportive community and one I felt the most comfortable participating in.

PF: You're from Niskayuna, NY, how did you find Kenyon, you
must have been recruited hard right?

Dani: I was most definitely recruited by Kenyon College when I was in high school but not hard. I was not the best swimmer in high school but once I went out on a visit and meet the team and the coaching staff along with professors I just knew it was the place for me.

PF: So how'd you go from Niskayuna freshman to 9-time

Dani: There was a lot of hard work and time put into becoming a 9-time All-American but it was mainly having an imagination at Kenyon. My imagination grew immensely at Kenyon along with my swimming capacity. Imagination and endless opportunities given to me through Kenyon allowed me become a 9-time All-American.

PF: For those of us who don't know, what is it like to stand on
that podium at the National Championships?

Dani: It is a very gratifying experience. It is an experience that brings together all of your training. It also is motivational. Remembering my Nationals experiences were always motivating for me throughout the entire season.

PF: What experiences do you bring from Kenyon that will help the
Carthage teams?

Dani: I bring nationals and conference swimming experience along. I have been a part of a strong team for four years with a deep tradition and strong work ethic and I bring those qualities with me to another strong team. I have experienced a wide range of ups and downs and have realized that how you react to them is the most important part.

PF: Since a graduate assistantship isn't a final destination,
where'd you like to see yourself in 5-10 years?

Dani: I would like to be a vital component of the swimming community. Whether it is on a club level, collegiate level or national level I know that I will be involved at some capacity. I believe that I am starting out on the best grounds available with a graduate assistantship at Carthage College.

PF: You've come to Kenosha for swim camp for a few years now -
what are some things you like about the area?

Dani: I absolutely fell in love with Lake Michigan when I first visited. Going to Kenyon gave me a taste of the Midwest and so moving to Wisconsin just seemed natural. I still enjoy metropolitan areas so being close to Chicago and Milwaukee is a huge plus for me. Kenosha is a nice city that has a lot to offer. Although I haven’t experienced a Kenosha winter the summer was enough to sell me on it for the next two years.

PF: Anything else you'd like to say?

Dani: I am extremely excited for the opportunity to work with the Carthage teams. Carthage is a strong program that is growing exponentially and one I cannot wait to be a part of.



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