November 8, 2006

Hope vs. Carthage. That's what was on the fight card yesterday and it's just what you'd expect from a heavyweight bout. Big body blows, knock-downs, and finally one survivor. That's what we’ve come to expect from Hope College and today was no different. Four years ago we scheduled Hope because they’re the type of team we’re working towards – a perennial top-10/15 program, Academic All-American year-in, year-out, and just classy, classy guys. The first year they came over and we shocked them. They couldn’t believe we took them to the mat. A year later, at their place they got us in the most incredible dual-meet I’ve ever been a part of – Division I or III. It had six lead changes and they got us 144-136. Last year it was a one-point Red Men win at our place. And yesterday? Well the home team - with an 18-point diving head start - got the ‘W’ 146.5-133.5.

I’ll say this much though. We swam TOUGH and we made them earn it. Some of our times were off of last week (a little slower pool, not enough warm-down), but today it was all about racing. It’d be easy to say we lost the meet because we don’t have a diving team, but you’ll hear no sour grapes from me. We knew we’d have to overcome our lack of divers, but the truth is we didn’t leave many opportunities laying around - we capitalized on just about every one, so it was a very satisfying day - even if the Win-Loss record doesn't reflect it. (But hey at least those Cornhuskers didn't blow it this week.)

We’re back in action next Friday against Lake Forest. It will give us a chance to let guys try some different events. We'll also be welcoming a number of guests to the meet, but more about that later...
- GE



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