November 24, 2006

It's been awhile since the last post to, but its not for lack of trying, just a lack of time. Lack of time - that's seemingly a trait of every swimmer (and coach). Whether one of our guys, or a recruit, it always seems they're a) in the pool, b) in the library, c) taking a quick nap or squeezing in a quick game of Madden before heading back to a, b or c.

Well, last weekend we managed to bring both recruits and our guys together. It's always fun to show off our campus, our program and our college, but as any prospective Carthage swimmer has heard from me, the best part of our team is just that - the team. The challenge was to come up with something that would give prospects and Red Men a chance to get one another. Thus was born, The Scavenger Hunt. For two hours the guys got an unofficial tour of campus and town in search of things like:
  • Guy and girl in swimsuits at the kissing rock.
  • Swimmer working behind the counter at the food court, WOH's or Einsteins’.
  • Someone doing a handstand on the Red or Brown Bridge.
  • Three people inside of lockers (don’t forget to let them out)
  • Group photo in front of President Campbell’s house.
  • Shake hands with a law officer
  • Someone eating at the Spot
  • Picture of Splash (coach's dog)
  • A sculpture wearing a Cubs, Sox, or Bears hat
  • Someone barefooted on the beach
In the end it was a great chance for us to not only show off the program, guys, school and more. But it also gave our guys a good opportunity to get to know potential teammates. That's one of the great, great things about the recruiting process (and my job). In a lot of ways, I get to do what few others do - I get to choose my co-workers and that's something that starts in the recruiting process.

I'd talk more, but the Huskers are about to take the field. Have a great Thanksgiving.



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