October 22, 2007

After five weeks of solid training, we gave the guys their first shot to step on the blocks and RACE! With our semi-annual Intrasquad, we had a chance to evaluate where we were, rehearse some racing (and try out the new scoreboard). In the end, it was the White, led by Andy Bax and Stephen Schranck overtaking the Red captained by Bryan Pelka, Bryce Davis and Chris Trella 196.5-187.5.

It's tough to be satisfied with the outcome of an Intrasquad because you see so many things you need to work on. At the same time it was hard to contain our excitement about the impending season. I'm not going to post specifics of the meet here (though those of you on the Red Tide Report e-mail list should have them, if not e-mail me), but here's something you should know - you could have taken either team - the Red or White and they would have taken last year's combined team to task. The freshman class has filled holes and added depth which I expected, but I was even more impressed with our upperclassmen. They've stepped things up, have led by example and the results are showing. In a couple of cases, guys posted times that we don't typically see until our mid-season rest if not later.

Next we're headed down to Wabash College. Last year they bested us for the first time in series history and this year they've got one of the best freshman classes in the country (thanks Pete, I appreciate that). More about the meet later this week.



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