November 27, 2007

What's your training like? How much yardage do you do? What kind of dryland do you do? Those are questions that every coach hears from prospective student athletes. The challenge is how to answer them. When I coached at Indiana University, our head coach Dorsey Tierney, told me a story about her recruiting trip to Arizona State and sitting through a THREE HOUR meeting with the head coach about how they trained. While any coach is excited to tell you (and some recruits want to know) all about what a program does, how the season is developed, how workouts are individualized, etc, etc, etc, others just want to know that you train hard. (Still others want to hear that you don't do morning practices - those ones typically don't like what I have to say).

The question was recently asked by the parent of one of our top recruits this year. He's good in just about every way - fast (a state champion), smart (he'll be a finalist for the Lincoln Scholarship), a leader (Eagle Scout), and a fun guy to be around (each of our guys loved him on his last visit) so I wanted to make sure I hit a home run. I wound up spelling putting together a document that showed what a Typical Week is like here at Carthage. After I was done I was kind of proud of myself and decided to post it here. if you want more, you can also link to last year's Season Plan and Workouts.

So if you've ever wondered what Carthage swimmers do or need another reason to be impressed with them (aside from their fast times, great grades, leadership abilities and ability to make the ladies swoon), take a look.

As an aside, Indianapolis head coach Gary Kinkead told me another funny story about training about one of his kids. On a recruiting visit (to a different school), this kid asked his student hosts how many yards they did did his hosts asked, "How many do you do?" After answering, the hosts were instructed to say, "We do about the same..."



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