December 18, 2007

Hello readers of the Carthage swimming blog. I bring you all good news from the Twin Cities, the Vikings are now one step closer to the playoffs after a win over the Bears last night. But you didn't come to, to get NFL scores. What you came for was a recap of the days events, as told by Blake Bendix.

6 in the morning in Flordia should never feel like the Midwest. It was cold, but everyone was up for practice anyway and we swam. Today was unlike any of the other days it was recovery day, or as I see it, the day where the team becomes more like a team. Everyone was in a good mood even coach who took a lot of flak for wearing martian mittens. The morning practice was also a time for our team pictures, which if you look at the photo gallery turned out very well I think. The van ride back to the hotel was a lively one, people were making jokes and people were laughing it was all around a good time.

For the second practice, Coach told us to "dress like we would to wrestle alligators" this got me very excited being a football player and all. I was ready to kick some gator butt, but I didn't have any clothes that I'd want to get muddy so Bax, Isaac, and I went to Big Lots to pick up some clothes that we really did not care about. The pictures will show what happens when you let three college kids into a store with zero worries about how they look.

After we got back from the store, it was time for the second practice of the day, it was time to WRASTLE SOME GATORS.. or so we thought. To keep the joke alive, Coach told us to all make sure we had our insurance cards.. haha we all had a good laugh about that. It turned out that after the 20 min drive that we were going kayaking, by the gulf. If the rest of the trip here is us getting our butts kicked, it will be worth it just for the kayaking trip. Ian, Bax, Varner, Isaac, and myself found a stream of water among the mangroves. It was something else. This is not the last of the day's events. Next it was supper time.

Coach took the team out to seafood at a place called Captain Eddie's. Me not being the biggest fan of fish, ate chicken. But the selection of food was not the best part (though the place had been named the "Best Seafood Restaurant" by the Venice & Sarasota papers), it was the atmosphere. I can't think of a time where someone was NOT smiling. It just makes me happy to know that I am part of a team, where its not so much as a team, as it is a family. Everyone has a place one the team, I mean the family. We will succeed together, we will strive for greatness, and we will get through anything, together.

Being a football player I love quoting from Vince Lombardi, and something he said sums up the team quite well

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

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