December 19, 2007

Well we have made it through another hard day of swimming and are now one more day closer to being home with our families for a Christmas feast. Today started off like usual with complimentary breakfast but as soon as we stepped outside, to get into the vans, we Knew something had changed. The Florida cold spell had passed. As we got to the pool there wasn't a mad rush of 25 swimmers to enter the heated water to stay out of the cold. While we swam our warmup the sun came up and the weather began to really get nice.

Coming off a day of rest and kayaking we were motivated and refocused. The middle-distance crew and I joined the sprinters for what was to be a fun yet challenging practice. Following the water workout we got changed for dry-land. After some squats, lunges, abs, and push-ups we were done with our morning practice and ready to enjoy our afternoon in the great Florida weather. A little over half the guys grabbed our beach towels, put on sunblock, and headed to the beach. The gulf was very smooth and after some shell hunting we made our way into the water. Steve was the first in. He splashed around, got water in his mouth and commented to me that the gulf was flavored. As i splashed around i swallowed some water as well, I found out that it was indeed flavored as, my high school mascot, a pretzel. Instigated by Derek, a jelly fish war erupted amongst us guys as we were fifty yards into the water. Following swimming, we ended our beach fun with a pickup game of beach volleyball with the Coe College swimmers.

Heading to the afternoon practice we were all a little tanner but still ready to work hard. We split up into stoke groups for our workout so i headed over to the butterfly lanes. There is only one thing i like more than a sprint workout and that is when i get to lead the lane in a sprint workout. We had a good practice tonight. Although it was tough it was very rewarding.

We are beginning to really work together as a team. Competitive spirit pushes us through a tough practice or to race the guy in the next lane. Everyday we accomplish things in and out of the pool that i didn't think would ever be possible. The team is coming together and i can't wait to see how fast we will be at the end of the season. These guys are my friends, my brothers, my family. Not a day goes by that don't fall over fall over from laughing. I am really fortunate to be apart of the Carthage Red Men swimming team, constantly being surrounded by the funniest and most caring people i know.

its about that time to get some sleep. i hope everyone is doing good back home. P.S. If you happen to travel to freeport illinois, be careful while you drive. my little sister just got her permit and now the streets are not safe.



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