January 18, 2008

We've arrived in the tiny hamlet of Gambier, Ohio tonight. Gambier, for those who don't know, is home of Kenyon College - winner's of the past 28 Men's NCAA team titles.

It's an awesome opportunity for our guys. Only about a dozen or so teams have had the privilege to swim here and it truly is a privilege. Coach Steen from Kenyon took a few moments to welcome the guys tonight. As much as it is a privilege to be here, its an honor to have a living legend speak with our guy.

Of course, we're not here just to visit a cool pool and pay homage to one of the greatest dynasties of intercollegiate athletics. We're here to compete. At one level, this meet gives our guys a chance to see guys they will be racing against in March. On another it will hopefully open some guys' eyes to what it takes to compete at the highest levels.

It will be interesting to see how our guys compete against such formidable opponents (Ashland, ranked 6th in Division II, will also be here). Will we rise to the challenge? Will we cave? Well, its competitive athletics - we'll have to swim to find out.

PS - We've also got a group about 400 miles west of us at the Grinnell Invitational and are still awaiting results from tonight's finals.



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