May 23, 2008

So this week at the College Coaches' meetings I have to give a speech. So I board the plane next to this guy who's somewhat annoyed that he doesn't get the row to himself. I sit down and notice his ring. I ask, "what championship does that celebrate?"

"Um, a Super Bowl," he mutters, looks down at his book and puts on his headphones. Hmmm, I think and go back to working on my talk all the while wondering...why does this guy look so familiar.

Then it hit me, the face was unforgettable. The pilot tells us to turn off our electronic devices, I turn and say, "You're Vince Lombardi's son, aren't you?"


"You're a motivational speaker, you talk about what it takes to be successful right?"

By now he started to open up a little, spoke about some of the traits in successful athletes and people, pointed out some landmarks on the approach in, and offered some great advice about my talk."

An amazing experience.



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