August 6, 2008

It's always a relief to get a trip underway. It doesn't matter whether its taking the team to Wabash on a bus or waiting for the cabin doors of this 747 to close, the hours and minutes leading up to a trip are spent running around tying up loose ends. Then when your butt hits the seat ou go into a different mode. On the bus that means I'm on the phone or tweaking our lineup. Tonight I'm snoozing. After wrapping up notes to some of our top recruits and an emergency trip to the vet I'm off.

I did manage get down to just my carry-on and already that's proven helpful. It enabled me to jump ahead of about 50 people at check-in. That was just enough to secure the last available exit-row seat, something I'l be thankful for. I did swap a couple of shirts to Bill in admissions for the snazzy little backpack pictured here. All you recruits who are reading this - while supplies last, you get one of these on your tour so sign up for a visit!

Asiana Air is a Korean airline. Their boarding flight info has been interesting. The meals served are chosen to 'avoid deep-vein thrombosis' and we're reminded to not drink too much alcohol as 'the dry air makes it easy to get drunk'. There is a small group of Americans n the flight who are headed to Beijing to see the rowing events.

One scare today-I'd mentioned a trip to the vet. Late this afternoon Splash had what appears to be a small siezure. He's ok, but as the vet was explaining how epilepsy usually shows up in dogs splash's age, he looked at my chart AND STARTED LAUGHING ! Turns out another Doc (and Kansas State grad) had noted on Splash's chart: 'Beware, owner is a Husker fan!' this doc, also a K-Stater was cool though, no charge (and Splash is doing just fine).

Alright, the door is closing. Next stop, Seoul, home of the 1988 summer games for a change of planes then a quick ride to Beijing.



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