August 9, 2008

What an exhausting and exhilirating day. I'm so tired, I can't do justice to the day, so let me try to recap as best I can remember:
  • Began the day with a tour of the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square Both were unbelievably vast.
  • Meandered throughout the city through dozens of small neighborhoods. Anything you could have wanted (with the possible exception of a REALLY COLD beverage) could be had. Shirts, police lights, polutry and any manner of vegitables.
  • I'm an unbelievably finicky eater - have been my entire life and chickened out at lunch, opting for a burger. I'd have been better served rolling the dice with dumplings instead.
  • When you're the only tall white guy around, people stare at you and some even ask to take your picture. When you're wearing a big red white and blue top-hat this is increased by a factor of ten.
  • Nathaniel finally arrived.
  • The pool is absolutely amazing. The first guy I happened across was Jim Steen, the Kenyon Coach. We sat several rows in front of him. Warm-ups were fun to watch. It was very much like every other meet, aside from the fact that all the competitors are Olympians.
  • While we sat several rows in front of the Kenyon Coach, Bill Gates and Paul Allen sat in front of us - like four rows in front of us. They denied our request for a photo.
  • Brendan Hansen did not look good in the 100 breaststroke, the Norwegian did. It looks like a 20-year lack of gold in this event for us.
  • The Chinese swam very well and you find yourself cheering for them just because you like seeing the otherwise silent crowd get excited.
  • I need to be sleeping.

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