October 21, 2008

So we're nearing mid-terms, around the time I send out an e-mail to the professors of the guys to see how they're doing. Last semester the CSCAA raised the requirements for a team to achieve Academic All-American honors so grades have been an even bigger focus this year. A sampling of professor's comments though, tell me that the hard work is paying off.
  • Isaac is doing very well. He participates in class and hands his work on in time. The work is of very good quality.
  • Mitchell is doing very well in the class, and currently has an "A." Thanks for telling me about the meet: I'll try to make it!
  • Bryan is a serious and talented biology student. He manages his athletic and academic commitments extremely well.
  • I'm impressed with Blake's engagement and preparation thus far.
  • Thank you for your email. I appreciate that the swimmers and you are taking academics so seriously. With that said, I'm happy to report that Chris Steenrod has been attending classes, participates in class discussions, and has done fairly well on the homework assignments so far.
  • Thanks a lot for your email. Adam is doing really good in class. He hasn't missed a class and always participates a lot. So far he has an A for the class. I'm really happy with him and wish I had only students like him.
  • I have to say that both Eric and Doug are excellent and very accurate French students. Always present in class, homework done, assignement always on time and excellent particpation, always very relevent. Congratulation to have Doug and Eric in your swimming team.
  • Mike and Doug are both doing great and show up for class everyday. Good kids.
  • Adam is a very good student; he has not missed a class, has completed all the daily assignments (and does an excellent job on them), and his writing is improving.
  • Thanks for your interest in the academic progress of your swimmers. Adam is doing well so far with a B+. In addition he comes to class alert and with a good attitude.
  • Clinton Scherer is a very good student. He is a regular contributor to class discussion and I'm glad to have him in class.
  • I'm quite impressed with how communicative the coaches are here at Carthage. I really enjoy Andy's energy and attitude.
  • It has been a pleasure having Ben Coder in my Geography 155 class.
  • Thank you for writing. I heartily approve of the academic priorities given by our athletic department, and am pleased to report that Chris Varner is doing quite well with his speaking assignments. I would estimate that his grade at this point is in the B+ A- range.
  • Alex is doing awesome. Super kid.; and here's the best one...
  • Alex van Huis is a very committed and diligent student. One additional factor that helps get him to class is that he can sit next to his girlfriend. I did have to ask her (privately) not to talk with him during class, which they have done.



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