November 12, 2008

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

That's what anyone familiar with Carthage swimming might have said had they walked on deck yesterday. On one end of the pool was Doug Schranck, Pelka and our flyers, and wait, what the heck? Kristina Olack? Fifteen lanes down the pool, looks like backstrokers, there's Winiecki, Pellican, Alfes . . . and Reynertson?

Complete integration hit Carthage Swimming last year as we separated into different stroke groups - Tom worked with the flyers, Guy with the backstrokers, Beth the sprint freestylers and I coached breststrokers and the distance guys...I mean distance group.

It is pretty special to be at a school that values swimming enough to have separate men's and women's staffs (just one of eight schools in Division III), but yesterday we enjoyed the benefit of a combined program - specifically the ability to have one coach focus on one group. In that way we have the best of both worlds - separate programs with separatie identies, but the resources and support of a combined program.

Alright, back to figuring out a winning lineup against Hope and KZoo.



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