December 16, 2008

Day 3 started early with no wake up call, luckily my roommates and I have internal clocks so we where able to get up in time. We boarded the vans and headed to the pool only to find that the pool had a thin blanket of fog over it. Fortunately we had a well needed recovery practice this morning which was followed by a "trivia game". The game involved Coach asking us questions while we kicked, the sooner we got a question right the sooner we'd be able to kick easy. After our 2o minute "game" we again boarded the vans in time to eat breakfast... again. It was at this second breakfast that we learned that we had a planned activity for the day. Our roommate Stephen Schranck returned after breakfast to tell us that we'd be "alligator wrestling" that afternoon. Not knowing what to make of this us freshmen questioned their claims, at least most of us anyhow. Some of us were more gullible than others ahem... Boyer and Jones, for example, were very enthusiastic about wrestling gators however to their disappointment we went kayaking instead.

This brings us to our kayaking experience which proved to be longer than previously conceived. We got on our gear and headed out to the open Gulf paddles in hand. We had 2 hours to venture the waters before we had to return. Our team came across several forks we could take into the mangrove ridden forests infested with "hundreds of thousands of crabs". I made the mistake of following Dan Jones along with the rest of the upperclassmen into one path that led nowhere. However, our adventure was not without surprises as teammates fought for the front, Ryan Ortman and Bryan Pelka, and Patrick Alfes shrieked as he had come down with a case of the "crabs", one crab to be exact. Realizing that our team leader, Dan Jones, had led us to a dead end we turned around to make the long journey back. Behind me Coach popped a "Heart of Darkness" joke which proved to heighten my mood. Finally after the long trek back we returned our gear and returned to the hotel. When arriving back at the hotel we smelled something burning in our hallway and realized that one of the lovely ladies had burned their food attempting to cook. Might we suggest culinary classes??? Amongst the chaos of the fire alarms and fire truck we waited for dinner.

To no surprise coach had one more trick up his sleeve as he made us walk to the restaurant. Upon arriving to our destination we were grouped according to our room assignments. Coach had us compliment our teammates on what we felt that had succeeded in thus far this week. Dan Jones thanked Patrick Alfes for helping him get his wings while I thanked Eric Ross and Byran Pelka for putting up for my less than enthusiastic mood and pushing me in the pool. After dinner we shared some laughs as we categorized our roommates into four categories: worst nutrition, worst snoring, best cuddlier, and most hair/face products. Dan Jones won for worse snore/deep breathing while Stephen Schranck won for best cuddlier with Issac the other categories were nameless. Our meal payed by the graces of the alumni, thanks, we headed back to the hotel our stomachs full. I'm sure tomorrow will bring more surprises and good times.

From room 252 peace out
-Adam Glover & Dan Jones



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