February 19, 2009

Typically you want a cherry on top of that banana split and let me tell you this morning was nearly the perfect sundae.

Lets begin with a time trial - 1:23.44 200 Free Relay. Not bad, but not in just yet. Then in the 500 - we put four guys in the top eight, two in consols. Points will reign down tonight and I expect we'll see a huge Pelka-Betzle-Cramer showdown. This morning: Pelka 4:41, Winiecki 4:45, Glover 4:47, VanHuis 4:47. In consols Eric 4:52, Chris Steenrod 4:57. Exhib Derek Schneider 4:44, Boyer 5:00

200 IM - a great event for us right up until the last heat. Stephen DQ'ed for bringing his elbows over the surface of the water. Not going to discuss the merits of the call, but suffice to say my protest form didn't gain me any friends among the officiating staff. Still - we'd like to think we have another Schranck who can win. He was 1:57.8 Derek 1:57.8 (without much rest after that 500), Stowe 2:01.5, Alfes 2:02.2. Just missing it make it back 2:11.6

50 Free - wholly cow - ANDY BAX 20.84 - new CCIW Championship record. Blake and Bryce are 2nd and 3rd 21.2, 21.3, Rip sits 5th 21.7. In consols Isaac and Varner 22.1, 22.2.

More tonight



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