December 28, 2009

Q: How do you want to be remembered?

Greg has asked us that question more times than I can count. With conference around the corner this is the time of year that makes or breaks a season. Eight days in the Valley of the Sun, eight days of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Eight days to train, eight days to set the tone for the rest of the year. Eight days with nothing but "Eat, Sleep, & Swim" on the agenda.

Two days ago, each of us arrived on separate flights. After our own personal odysseys, we arrived in Tempe ready to go. Break was great and much needed, but now it is back to business. It's a little colder than we might have liked (but hey, at least there's no snow), and our hotel might not be as nice as the one we had in Venice, but it will take more than that to slow the Red Men. After five practices we are starting to come into form. Coach has been drilling us on the little things, every day we are getting better. Every practice, you can feel the team start to focus on the challenges ahead. Every practice, you can see the team starting to come together. We are becoming a team, and that is what Training Trip is all about. That's why Training Trip is my favorite part of the season. Eight days of hard work, no school to worry about. Just eight days of hanging out with teammates and becoming a team. Becoming a NEW team.

The team is different, but our mission hasn't changed. We want to defend our CCIW title and send swimmers to NCAAs. This team believes in themselves. We know we can accomplish both goals. We've got the strut and the swagger. So, heads up CCIW: There is a new dynasty in town, because the Red Men are here to stay.

A: Winners

-E. Ross

No Sleep 'Till Tempe



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