January 1, 2010

Pretty much a perfect day.  Great workout this afternoon capped by a 200 in 14 breaths (right in front of the Sun Devils).  Then a day trip that I confess I was a little skeptical about.  I'd planned on a team hike and could have easily seen a lesser group not buy into the challenge of climbing up Bear Mountain.

Problem is, we went up the WRONG MOUNTAIN.  After scampering up the trail, I checked the GPS and our elevation only to realize that we were on Doe Mountain.  Bear Mountain loomed across the valley, twice as high and four times as far from the trailhead.  Unexpectedly, I began hearing the pleadings of, "Can we go up Bear Mountain?"  Heck, I think I even heard a please.  And so off they went and the effort was well worth it.  Most of the guys summitted with just enough time to make it down before dark and were rewarded with some spectacular views.



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