January 1, 2010

Mountain Photos

Yeah, I'm back...get over it.

First day of the New Year. The decade began for the Red Men with an 8:00 a.m. practice followed by a two hour drive North to Sedona, Arizona. Outside of Sedona we parked at the foot of a group of mountains and set off to climb. After nearly ten minutes, we reached the top of the supposedly rugged peak. After a lot of boasting, a lot of feats of manliness, and a team photo, we realized that we were on the wrong mountain. What we thought was Bear Mountain, turned out to actually be the much smaller, Doe Mountain (easy mistake). After coming down from Doe Mountain, we trekked across the road to the real Bear Mountain.

Bear Mountain is more than twice the size of Doe Mountain (2.4 miles vs. .7) and a much higher difficulty rating: so needless to say, the team galloped up the mountain with much vigor. Led by Blake Bendix's Alpha Squad, the competition was fierce. Unfortunately, the time we wasted on Doe mountain prevented us from going any farther than about two-thirds of the way up before the sun went down. Coming in First were Adam Van Huis and Bob Pellican in 20 minutes (child's play) followed closely by the rest of Alpha Squad: Ben Coder, Blake Bendix, Ryan Ortmann, and Myself in 25 minutes. We took some photos and challenged each other to more feats of manliness. Nearly everyone made it to the top (*cough* Isaac *cough*), even Greg.

Bear Mountain was easily the highest thing I've ever climbed, and to be totally honest: It was an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE, and I would take it over the beach any day. The view from that mountain was simply breathtaking, an almost spiritual experience.

Just a few more days remain in the Arizona experiment. Room 213 is hanging out watching the Twilight Zone Marathon on Syfy (don't judge)....Starting off 2010 the right way. Shout out to the #4 ranked Purdue Boilermakers Basketball team (13-0) and the 6-0 Harrison High School boys swimming team.

The Carthage Red Men have climbed three mountains in three days. Three (3) mountains in Three (3) days. We climbed Bear Mountain, we can do anything. 2010 is going to be the year of the Red Men

Happy New Year!
-E. Ross

No Sleep 'Till Tempe



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