July 4, 2010

Another marriage between a former Red Men and Lady Red.  Yesterday it was Justin Reeder and Dalila Center tying the knot in a ceremony overseen by yet another Lady Red - Jean Woods.  I think it was the first such union since Andy & Kelli Kleprod and last until Casey Griffiths and Betzy Drzal next month.

A good turnout of alums made the drip including the aforementioned Andy, Kelli and Jean.  Also saw Henry Somers, Nathaniel Chapman, James Beaman (and their wives) along with Ivan Manolov, Nathan Fisher, Tim Dodson, Geno Halpin, Chris Illing, and Charlie Lorenz - a living who's-who of my first four years at Carthage.  Also saw Tricia Beidron, Kirby Oren, Karen Beaman (sorry, I've already your maiden name) and probably a couple others I can't remember.

All-in-all a great day, the only downside was that I found myself wearing shoes and long pants (two things I abhor) amid everyone else wearing shorts and sandals at the informal affair.



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