September 17, 2006

Saturday marked the 6th-annual Captain's Biathalon and this year a new champion was crowned. Bryce Davis outdueled Bryan Pelka in the final 100 yards to take the title. Bryce covered the 400 yard lake swim, 3 mile lakeside run, 800 yard pool swim and 1 mile run on the track in 44 minutes and 40 seconds. Pelka was five seconds back to place second (again). Alex Van Huis led all freshmen in 48:28, just ahead of three-time champ and 2006 Alum Roberto Jorda-Cid.

It was a great day for the race - the lake was warmest its ever been and the weather was perfect. We also had our widest range of competitors as well - alums, women's team members, and masters swimmers (including Mark who did the Wisconsin Ironman last week). It's the way we kick off the season and often a rude-awakening for those who didn't train over the summer. Season begins officially on Monday morning with a "long"-course workout. Here are the results:
Bryce Davis          44:39
Bryan Pelka 44:44
Stephen Schranck 45:39
Chapman/Olesak Relay 44:56 - Alum Relay
Stacey Kiefer 45:50 - Alum 2000
Ivan Manolov 47:18
Alex Van Huis 48:28
Robert Jorda-Cid 48:40 - Alum 2006
Nathan Ripley 50:46
Chris Trella 51:13
Zach Jole 51:18
Andy Bax 52:14
Carly McAdams 52:27
Caroline Kochmit 52:44
David Falink 53:11
Scott Kaseska 53:29
Nathan Fisher 53:50
Robin Kiefer 54:02 - Master's Swimmer
Edgar Vargas 55:11
Mark Ellerbroek 56:07
Camden Harrison 1:01.16
Jeremy Brandt 1:03.15
Paul Bustion 1:07.58



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