September 22, 2006

Jordan Bissell '04, the man, the myth the legend. He's a philosopher, a sprinter, a man among men and now, he's a triathlete.

Opting to ditch this year's biathlon, the Missle, in his first-ever tri, placed 18th out of 341 entrants. He averaged 1:23's per 100, 21.1 mph on the bike and 6:32 miles, not bad for a guy who, at the end of a 50 would tighten up faster than a socket wrench. The race report, from the Missle himself:

"I did pretty good. I made the mistake of hanging out with Adam the night before and Red Bull the morning of the race; I was extremely dehydrated: defintiely affected my performance. And I sprinted the 1st 50 of the 500, and died pretty quickly. But, all in all, considering it was my first race, I did pretty good: 18th/300+ (I was 5 minutes off first place). I think had I been hydrated I could have shaved off quite a bit of time off the run. But it was exhilirating, and I'm encouraged to train and compete more.If you wade through the swimming photos you can find some pretty silly shots of me."



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