December 21, 2006

Day Five

What to expect on day five…another day of intense challenge sets? A slight retreat from the difficulty of the day before? The answer of course is obvious: more challenge sets. From 150s on 1:35 in the morning to 150s at night on a somewhat easier interval (though intended to be proportionally faster). These days are what make training trip worthwhile, discovering exactly how much more you can do before it becomes too much, how much you can push it on that first 150 and still have enough left to bring the last one back faster. Each day you are a little more tired, and each day you have to dig a little deeper only to find out “hey, I can still do this”. That discovery will come in handy during that last 500 in the mile at the end of the year I’m sure.

Part of the reason all of this intensity is possible is undoubtedly due to the amount of recovery we get each day. No classes, no tests, no family get togethers, no nothing except sleeping, chilling, or finding something to eat. Good recovery begets good practices and with the practices
being thrown at us, and the three still to come, every minute of recovery counts.



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