December 21, 2006

The Carthage Red Men continue their weeklong training camp at the University of Houston. This is the same pool that the NCAA Division III championships will take place at. Today Zach talks about his kick butt practice set.

After a day of recover we jumped right back into intensive training. We started the day out with long course in the morning, pretty standard swimming mixed in with a couple challenging sets. The main bulk of our training came in the afternoon. Swimming short course, the mid-distance and distance guys took on 8 X 200’s on 3 minutes, while the sprinters took on a challenging blue set, blue meaning heart-rate stays above 180.

For myself I started half the practice with the sprinters which I thought was challenging enough, and then was shifted to the remaining 4 200’s of the mid-distance practice. Here Schranck and I swam two 200’s busting out 2:17’s which is by far the strongest we have swam all season, especially with half a week of training under our belts. Overall today has been the most challenging workout of the week. With the probability of only getting harder, we go into the next day with high spirits and full stomachs hoping to recover as fast as possible to take on what is to



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