March 15, 2007

Man our guys like to compete. Yes, there's the basketball contest, then there's the dork contest whereby points are awarded anytime one of our guys does something stupid. Heck, I've even seen two of them bet on who could tie their shoelaces the fastest. That's the environment were in at NCAA's. Here are some observations from Day One of NCAA's:
  • Number One - this meet is incredibly fast. Take the 8th, take the 16th or take the 24th time and they'll be the fastest Division III has ever seen.
  • We've got speed. It's never satisfying to not match your seed times, but only about 50% do. This morning Bryan finally took out is 500 like the demon he is. He paid for it in the end, but we felt he had to go after it to make it back at night. He finished 29th in the 500, up from 35th. Zach was the opposite - he was so, so easy in his 200 IM - too easy really. All of his splits were within about 1/10 of his best ever splits yet he looked like he barely broke a sweat. I'm getting excited for tomorrow.
  • Yao Ming lives in our hotel. Drives a big old Infiniti SUV. He's kind of hard to miss, but get this, his key card slot to use the elevator is about six feet off the ground. If you believe that you just got a dork point.
  • As is our history - we just get better and better as the week goes on.



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