March 14, 2007

Ahhh Houston. A little rain, but very welcoming temperatures in the early 80's. We arrived here yesterday afternoon for the NCAA Championships and proceeded to the pool where we were for training trip.

After an extended conversation with the woman at the Avis rental counter, "oh, you're related to Amelia Earhart aren't you . . . . I remember when you rented here last time (I've never rented there) . . . what do you think happened to her?" they gave us a most-appropriate vehicle for our stay here in the land of ribs, rockets, big oil and George W - a big old Ford F-150.

The meet starts tomorrow so today is spent mostly kicking back, getting a short workout/warm-up and tonight's banquet. The guys are looking pretty good, a little tight after yesterday's travel, but we're all excited about the days ahead.



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