December 9, 2007

Apologies for a long-overdue recap of the TYR meet. Anyone who knows me knows that by the end of a big weekend like that I'm pretty much spent. Of course that leaves me succeptible to some type of bug and last weekend was no exception. So after four tough sessions against some of the best competition in the country, I found myself going toe-to-toe with a sinus infection. Then I found myself on a small prop-plane leaving for a funeral in Northern Minnesota (where it hit -27!)

Oh and did I mention it was finals week and we're wrapping up preparations for our training trip which begins on Saturday? Yep it's been a little crazy.

But last week it was crazy-fast. Three top-ten Division III teams, two more top-fifteen D-II schools. The meet was much deeper than our conference meet will be. We'd have liked to been a little sharper in some of our front-end speed, but I was really happy with a couple of areas we focused on:
  • Relay Competitiveness - We were in the hunt for nearly every relay and were able to put together competitiveness across our different squads. We had three 800 Free Relays go sub-7:35 and SIX 400 Relays under 3:30. Our 800 Free and 400 Medley relays currently sit 13th in the country.
  • Getting Better throughout the meet - this is something that has been a hallmark of our program, but not something we saw against Kalamazoo and Hope where we faltered at the end. This time around we got better and better as the meet went along. Friday Finals were faster than Prelims. Saturday Prelims were even better and our best session was easily Saturday night, capped by those 400 Free Relays.
Now we've got finals, and in about six days the warm sunshine of Venice, Florida. Check back in a few days for a day-by-diary of the trip from the swimmers' view.



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