December 16, 2007

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Riding in a Yellow School Bus is noting new to me and Saturday morning was like just the rest of my rides . . so I thought.
We loaded up and headed out after a wardrobe change from one of the freshman (jeans wont get you a ride to the airport) and since it was 6am everyone quickly fell asleep. I was awakend by the noise of the bus drivers radio falling on the ground. Since I was in the front row I stood up and grabbed it for him. Next thing I know the bus stalls in the middle of I-94 and the drivers quickly and safely pulls over during the snow.

The bus started running again but the horn would not turn off. After a few back door slams and pushing every button on the dashboard it finally turned off (after about 15 minutes of beeping). Back to sleep for us all, 2 minutes from the terminal the bus driver turns to me and asks "Can this bus fit under the bridge?". Like a deer in the headlights I stared out the front window hoping our bus was not about to be the first convertible on of its kind. Luckily we made it and got on the plane (after some baggage check-in trouble, I still dont have my red equipment bag)

We were on the plane and off to Tampa! I slept most of the flight and woke up just before landing. Getting off the plane Coach comes up to me and asks if I saw who was on the plane. I was sleeping so did not, it was Jose Conteras from the Chicago White Sox. I powerwalked to baggage claim so I didn't miss him. He was there with his family and I shook his hand and told him I was a big fan (even though he played pretty bad this year, hope he doesn't read this).

Loading up the vans was easy this year because we had a van from the hotel come and get our bags. arriving at the Hotel I noticed its not as close as my freshman year (Mexico, walking distance) or as far as my sophomore (9 mile van ride). This scares me because its about a good running distance to the pool (hope Greg doesn't read this til after training trip).

So far the practices have been tough (except for the picture above) but the guys have come together really well. I'm excited to see what this team can accomplish the rest of this trip. We need to find the heart to finish off this tough dual meet season (Kenyon, Northwestern, Wheaton) and succeed at NCAA's and CCIW's. I know we have it and I know we can find it but it's going to take a lot from everyone to not just get through this week alive but get out of this week with the heart and motivation needed to finish this season as strong as we can. I can't wait to finish this week and see where we stand, but I'm even more excited to see where this team stands at the end of the season.

Time for me to wrap it up and head to bed, apologies to Steenrod's rooms and Go Red Men!
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