August 5, 2008

Just 34 hours until my plane takes off. When you book a flight for Thursday, August 7th, you kind of look at the week and say, "OK, that will give me three days during the week to wrap things up and finish prepping for my big trip. Right?

Not when your flight leaves at 1:00 am on Thursday. I haven't done much packing because I've set the goal of just bringing a carry-on with me. Impossible? Ask me again this time tomorrow. As it stands, I still have to get the house ready for the dog-sitter, run a dozen errands, get some notes out to recruits, program the DVR to record the games, and get to the airport for my 1:00 am flight. Then life gets simple - 14 hours to Seoul, three hours standby, then another two putting me in Beijing right at 9:20 am local time (a day later).

This is a trip that was conceived almost seven years ago when Nathaniel Chapman ('06) and I learned the Olympics were coming to his old hometown. Seven years in the making - 34 hours away.



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