December 23, 2008

Days 9 and 10 shared a different feeling than days before it for many reasons. First of all, the temperature for morning practice was 55 degrees.
Monday had the benefit of a warm pool. This was a relief when jumping in but later into the practice it felt like we were swimming in a pot of boiling water. Monday morning’s workout was a long 7500 meters for the long mid-distance and distance swimmers. Everyone felt a little sluggish after being in the sun the day before. The practice consisted of a lot of pink, but it was more like red.

At the end of practice Greg told us that Monday night’s practice would be our typical Monday set. That set is 9X 300 or 400 or 500 depending on the cycle. The first three are free, the second three are IM, and the third three are kick. He said that Monday night’s practice would be the 400s. It seemed like we all knew what was coming that night. Let’s just say none of us saw what was coming.Greg is known for changing his mind about a lot of things: what time we’re practicing, when we’re leaving, and what practice will be. Well I guess Greg had a hard time leaving the 500s and 300s out of the workout for that night. Instead of doing 9 X 400s, we did something a little longer. 3 X 500 free, 3 X 500 IM, 3 X 400 free, 3 X 400 IM, 3 X 300 free, and finally 3 X 300 IM. With a little warm up and cool down, the total for that practice was 8300 yards. A nice finish to an already long day

After a hard Monday, we all feared Tuesday would be just as hard or even harder. It was just as cold that morning, except this time the water temperature was a lot colder. The practice Tuesday morning was not easy but not really hard. Our bodies were still recovering from Monday. After practice, the hot tub offered even more recovery both physically and mentally. The distance and long mid-distance watched the sprinters lifting weights; it was nice to finish working before them. As we were relaxing in the hot tub, an “interesting” Santa made us a visit. He gave his speech and then we took some pictures with us. Meanwhile, the sprinters had totally stopped lifting weights and were making sad faces through the window.

Tuesday night was our final practice of Training Trip 2008. We had heard we would be singing the Twelve Days of Christmas at that practice. It sounds harmless, but Greg can make even the most enjoyable caroling a workout. To top it all off, Greg was dressed up as Santa. Our Twelve Days of Christmas went like this:

On the ______ day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

  • Day 1: A 25 underwater kick
  • Day 2: A 50 fast
  • Day 3: 2 x 50 kick
  • Day 4: A hundred drill stroke
  • Day 5: 30 seconds rest!
  • Day 6 : A 100 build
  • Day 7: A 150 Pull
  • Day 8: A 200 IM
  • Day 9: 30 seconds rest!
  • Day 10: 3 variable sprints
  • Day 11: 11 dolphin dives
  • Day 12: A 400 IM
We started with the 25 underwater kick. Then on the next round we did the 50 fast followed by the 25 underwater kick. The third round was 2 50s kick, a 50 fast, and the 25 underwater kick. The nine other rounds followed the same patterns. We soon realized that this was going to get really long. We finished, and everyone was thrilled to be done with Training Trip 2008.

We went back to the hotel to eat pizza, perform our freshmen skits, and present the Training Trip Awards. The pizza was awesome. However, the skits were even better. Greg even said “These skits were better than the seniors’ skits from their freshmen year. Apparently that’s a huge honor. Two skits were performed. A big group consisting of Eric, Boyer, Glover, Coder, Kyle, Ryan, Clinton, Mike and myself. We sang another version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. This version had no swimming, just laughs. The lyrics:

On the _____ day of Christmas, Greg Earhart gave to me...
  • Day 1: a kayak through the mangrove trees (a team trip we took)
  • Day 2: two boys in love (Isaac and Blake)
  • Day 3: three burly men (Greg, Tom, and Guy)
  • Day 4: Dan and Ryan flirting (with girls that is)
  • Day 5: (Boyer added some rips on Isaac and Blake)
  • Day 6: Blake and Isaac (playing)
  • Day 7: Carthage swimmers swimming
  • Day 8: Crazy driver driving (Guy!!!!!!)
  • Day 9: Tom Carroll prancing (with a great impersonation from Eric)
  • Day 10: Manny’s monstrous snoring (LOUD)
  • Day 11: lots of toilets clogging
  • Day 12: WE WENT HOME

Doug and Dan took on the roles of Isaac and Blake in their skit. They acted out the daily lives of the two of them. Most of what they do in a the day isn’t appropriate to write. Maybe the video will get posted and you can see for yourselves. Either way it was hilarious.

After the skits, Steenrod and Bax presented the Training Trip Awards for 2008. Everyone received an award. The awards were comical. Each of them was a personal jab. Greg wrapped up the night with a little speech. I think we all know that we’re going home much stronger than when we came here. CCIW Conference and Nationals… Here we come!



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