December 24, 2008

Having some business this past week in Central Florida, I thought I'd take a trip south to Venice to watch the Carthage and Cincinnati biathlon on the beach. What I didn't realize was that this was not going to be just another ordinary day at the beach.

A swimming race in the Gulf of Mexico, followed by a running race on sand, back to a series of intensive four station dryland workouts - I can only describe as something I would expect to see at a boot camp for the Marines. The intensity put forth by these Carthage men and women was truly something to behold (and marvel at, by this parent). In fact, as I was photographing the day's activities, people on the beach approached me and asked what was going on as the sight of four groups of students working feverishly to accomplish the task at hand was just something one does not see everyday. And every reply, to my explanation, was one of encouragement and awe at the effort being put forth. A four ring circus with Coaches Greg and Beth as the ringmasters and your sons and daughters as the performers was truly a sight to behold. In fact, as I looked around I noticed that there were more people congregating on the beach where the dryland activities were happening than elsewhere.

After three hours of working out they broke for lunch. Isaac and I went out for lunch during which I remember asking "This was pretty much an incredible workout, you must be exhausted". His reply? "This was the easiest day we had so far". All I know is that after just watching, I needed a nap.



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