May 14, 2009

I like to think that at Carthage we build more than fast swimmers, we build leaders. There's no doubt that the rest of campus knows how hard our guys work. I hear it from professors, and just last night, while driving some other athletes up to the Brewers' game, I heard them speaking with admiration about what the swimmers do.

But it extends beyond the pool. Take Ben Coder for instance. Ben came to Carthage from Coon Rapids as a pretty good breaststroker. He didn't have a great senior year in high school, but was (and is) a neat kid with what I consider an 'O-Negative' kind of attitude - he's someone who gets along with just about everyone. He had a great season, just missed making our conference team, but would have finalled in the breaststroke events this year.

Well, now he's got the keys to the student government treasury, having been elected - as a freshman - Treasurer for student government. Not a bad for a guy who looks conspicuously like Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live.



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