May 7, 2009

This past weekend Carthage hosted the CCIW Track & Field Championships. It's always an honor to host a conference championship, but its also kind of a pain in the butt. Sure you have home field (or track, or pool) advantage, but you've also got to set up the pool (or track), round up timers, print programs, and collect admission.

Well, after this weekend, I'm thankful I'm not a track coach. You've got running events, jumping events, throwing events, and events that combine all three. Even worse, many of them run at the same time - its not like the pool where only one heat or one event runs at a time. Anyhow, in an effort to help our fellow teams, a bunch of guys (Bax, Coder, Moravek, Ross, Schranck I, Schranck II and another I can't remember) donned orange shirts better suited for roadside trash collection to help out. The help was appreciated (so was our budget).

One Carthage track guy of note is Tyler Wishau. He's a 'joggler' meaning he juggles while jogging and is aiming to set the world record for joggling a 5K (he's run at 17:08). That got our own Mike Moravek to thinking - always a funny thing - and the results were predictable:



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