May 4, 2009

Across the country, athletic departments and men's swim teams are under fire and getting cut. BUT, there's one place where even the highest levels of the administration take a keen interest in swimming - Carthage.

Last Thursday, President Campbell had the men's and women's teams over to the Country Club for a dinner of prime rib. It was a reward for the men's winning the CCIW title and our women's team finishing in the top ten.

Any time you're a college student you look forward to a free meal and any time you're a coach you look forward to getting some face time with the president and we got lots of both on Thursday. It's a far cry from some other places I've been where the president doesn't even know the coach's name, or care whether the swim team was successful or not. That connection with the president is yet another way Carthage swimming differs from so many other programs out there.

PS - Coaches dig a free meal as well.



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