September 21, 2009

The first morning is in the books. Though we don't have a full long course pool, we like to take advantage of the 40 yards we do have, so for the first month or so we pull the bulkhead down to the end of the pool, rig up some long ropes and swim in distances divisible by 40.

This afternoon we'll feature a short, but aggressive workout. When I say short, I mean it - about 12 minutes - but I have a feeling they'll be feeling it. If you want an idea - look up the word "Tabata."

Here's what the boys did this morning. A little shorter than planned, but we got what we needed to get done done.

Three Rounds
[ 40 + 10 Squats
[ 80 + 10 Squats + 10 Pushups
[120 + 10 Squats+10 Pushups+10Abs
Pre-Set:4 x 120 - Kick- Drill- Descend SC

8 x 80 IM's Odds Drill Free & Back; Evens Drill Brst & Fly

Main Set:
8 x 240 - 40 Kick- 160 IM - 40 Free
Select your own interval

Post Set:
5 x 40 uw recovery & Swim



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