September 16, 2009

Seniors Nathan Ripley and Alex Van Huis were named team captains for the 2009-10 season. While it might seem like a natural to have your two seniors named captains, we actually have each upperclassman on the team complete an evaluation of each captain candidate (this year there were five).

The evaluation isn't original, I adapted it from Jeff Janssen's Leadership Manual, but here's what each guy was evaluated on.

___________is one of the hardest workers on the team
___________cares passionately about the team’s success
___________is a competitive person who wants to win

___________has the confidence in himself as a person and his ability to lead
___________wants to perform in pressure situations
___________bounces back quickly following mistakes and errors

___________stays calm and composed in pressure situations
___________stays focused when faced with distractions, obstacles & adversity
___________keeps his anger and frustration under control

___________consistently does the right thing in and out of the pool
___________is honest and trustworthy
___________treats teammates, coaches, and others with respect

Encourager – Servant
___________reaches out to teammates when they need help
___________takes the time to listen to teammates

Encourager – Confidence Builder
___________regularly encourages his teammates to do their best
___________regularly compliments his teammates when they succeed

Encourager – Refocuser
___________communicates optimism and hope when the team is struggling
___________knows what to say to teammates when they are struggling

Encourager – Team Builder
___________has developed an effective relationship with each teammate
___________is a team player who seeks to unify the team

___________holds teammates accountable for following team standards
___________constructively confronts teammates when necessary
___________is willing to address and minimize conflicts between teammates
___________is firm, fair, and direct when dealing with conflicts and problems



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