September 12, 2009

Each fall the team kicks off the year with the Captain's Biathalon.  It begins with a short open-water swim then a run up the beach and back to campus alongside Lake Michigan.  Then it's back into the pool for 12 laps - AROUND the pool.  No lanelines, the guys swim NASCAR-style turning left as they go.  Finally, they finish on the track with a one-mile run. 

This year, Adam VanHuis became the first back-to-back winner since Roberto Jorda-Cid in 2002-03.  Adam relied on a strong run to hold off a hard-charging Eric Ross to successfully defend his title.  Adam Glover rounded out the field as the third guy under 50:00.  Fifteen of seventeen returners bested their time from last year with an average drop of about 4:00.  Ben Coder made the biggest drop, cutting 10:37 off of his time from last year.

Photos & Video to follow, but here are the results.

46:30 Van Huis, Adam
46:50 Ross, Eric
49:04 Glover, Adam
50:19 Moravek, Mike
50:26 Drake, Kyle
51:05 Ripley, Nathan
51:17 Varner, Chris
51:22 VanHuis, Alex
52:09 Schranck, Doug
52:12 Alfes, Pat
52:47 Stowe, Tom
52:50 Rothenbaum, Isaac
53:28 Coder, Ben
54:02 Ortmann, Ryan
54:30 Bendix, Blake
57:05 Hoover, Buck
57:44 Mathe, Stephen
60:30 Underwood, Chris
60:50 Bond, John
64:18 Jones, Dan
64:51 Nelson, Alex
66:28 Pellican, Bob
66:34 Jackson, Mitchell
67:24 Cristino, Mike
72:34 Posluszny, Corey



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