December 27, 2011

Day 2: Miami 2011 (Seen the Lights Go Out On [the] Bro-Way)

Three practices later, and we're starting to get into a routine. Room 419 woke up and grabbed breakfast in the Hotel before heading to practice. All of our practices from now on are going to be long course meters which is music to my ears, but hasn't been greeted with the same enthusiasm by my teammates. I will admit that, as great as long course is, it has taken some getting used to. Fortunately, we have six more days to get our long course legs.

It's still early enough in the week that most of the guys are still spending a lot of time at the beach. I didn't make the trip today, opting instead to sit out on our balcony and read. I'm remarkably sunburned considering how little time I've spent in the sun since we've been here. The weather has been great, and I'm hoping it holds the rest of the week.

The big news today, however, is that the Lady Reds finally made their way down to Florida. This is the first time that the Lady Reds and Red Men have been together for winter training since 08-09, a trip that only a handful of our current swimmers were on. This doesn't mean much for us, except that they're another team to share the pool with and we won't get as much bro-time as we would if we were on trip with just the guys.

So Florida is still good and practices are starting to take their toll.
Room 419 is getting ready to hit the sack.

Gotta stay fresh.

See you tomorrow.
-E. Ross

If you got training problems, I feel bad for ya, son,
I got 99 problems, but a TRIP ain't one



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