December 31, 2011

That's me with the red bandana

Day 6: How to Lose a Year in 365 Days

New Year's Eve means it must be time for a relay meet. The meet was a competition for all of the teams that have been training at the Hall of Fame pool this week, so there was quite a turnout. We swam six events: (200 Medley, 200 Free, 150 Fly, 150 Back, 150 Breast, and 400 Free relays). The meet wasn't scored, but the competition was still pretty strong. I can't think of any standout performances off the top of my head (I'm sure Greg could fill you in), but everybody looked good out there and competed hard.

After the meet, we were rewarded (not just us, but every team that participated) with free pizza. I believe we got 12 pizzas for our entire team. At this point, I instituted the 'Clean-Plate Clause' whereby no member of the team is allowed to leave until every piece of pizza has been eaten. So we ate it all, and no one did more to put the team on his back than freshman, Mitch Reecher. Mitch ate an entire pizza by himself. He wanted to stop, but we urged him on saying, "Mitch, you've come too close to turn back now." So he finished it, and I can only imagine what has been going on in his stomach since then.

"An entire pizza! What was I thinking?!" -Mitch Reecher on lunch

We still had practice at our usual time (6pm) this evening, and we were greeted with one of our old favorites: The Descent To Hell. The Descent to Hell is a set that starts with a 200 @3:30, and the interval drops ten seconds with each one. Just before you miss the interval, you drop down to a 150, 100, etc. There must have been something in the water, because everybody looked fast tonight. We got great efforts from everybody, and it showed in our morale. It's difficult to explain, but everyone had a great practice tonight. We are finally beginning to put the pieces together, and just in time since 49 days from today CCIWs will end and we want to be the team with the trophy.

So tonight is New Year's Eve. Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012.

On a personal note: 2011 started off tragically for me, and January 2011 was one of the worst months of my life. However, every single day since then has gotten better and I will remember 2011 as one of my favorite years of my relatively young (22) life. So here's to you, 2011.

At midnight tonight, take a drink (of soda), kiss your significant other, do something different, laugh, cry, whatever you want.

For me, I'll be sitting on my 4th floor balcony, popping open a can of orange soda, and looking at the stars. It's clear enough tonight that you can see them here in South Beach.

God Bless,
Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Man
And all that other Jazz.
In the Right Tempo

-E. Ross

If you got training problems, I feel bad for ya, son,
I got 99 problems, but a TRIP ain't one



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