December 30, 2011

Day 5: I Was A Teenage Sea Turtle

Our instructions this morning were to meet at the beach across from the pool at 9:15. So we did. And when we got there, we took a team picture. After that, Greg told us that we would be doing our warm-up in the ocean. First we had to lay flat on our stomachs and crawl across the beach to our GA, Dan. That's right, we had to crawl like a sea turtle across the sand. We got lots of laughs from tourists, and at least one photo taken of us by a stranger. It was tough, and a little degrading. Once we got to Dan, we had to partner up (for safety reasons) and swim out to a buoy and back three times with a station of beach abs in between.

Practice after that was pretty standard fare.

And then naps were had, and food was eaten, and jokes about Ertl being a robot were made.

And then for our second practice we teamed with the girls to complete a set of broken 200s, and a surprise early release.

Ertl, Evan, Sam, and I convened a pizza council in room 419 and feasted.
Maybe it's because I'm senior, but this trip has a different feel to it than previous years. Things are way more laid back.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. We're only here for three more days.
Speaking of three, the Pacers are 3-0.

Signing off from Florida,
E. Ross

If you got training problems, I feel bad for ya, son,
I got 99 problems, but a TRIP ain't one



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