December 28, 2011

Scott Reher likes butterfly. I mean he really likes butterfly and he thinks about it a lot. I probably never thought he'd do a 2000 LCM fly, but he did tonight, solo on our off night. It wasn't a punishment, but rather a learning opportunity and confidence booster. I'm convinced that the water can teach swimmers more about swimming efficiently and this 2K definitely helped him stretch his stroke out. He made adjustments, got his hips up and found a more efficient way to move through the water. He also negative split it - going 17:01.26-16:58.82 - not fast, but that' wasn't the objective.

Now just so people don't think I'm a sadist, he does get the morning off with instructions to come in for one of our two morning dryland sessions. His response, "I'll probably come in for both..."



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