December 18, 2006


The Carthage Red Men are taking their training trip to the University of Houston, home of the 2007 NCAA Championships. Each day we're asking one of the guys to give their account of the trip. Today's guest columnist is two-time CCIW Champion and Honorable Mention All-American Bryan Pelka.

The first day of training trip is always interesting. A taste of what the rest of the week is going to be like is either exciting or disheartening, depending on how you look at it. Either way, everyone here is ready and prepared to put it some of the hardest work of their lives the next several days. Our first glimpse at the site of the 2007 NCAA championships came in the afternoon, the morning being spent in Houston’s second pool. Although we are swimming Long Course in the pool, as opposed to the Short Course that will be swum at Nationals, it’s still possible to get a feel from the place. As the week goes on, a more solid impression will be fixed in my mind and hopefully the experience will help at Nationals.

Four people to a room may seem a bit cramped, but when those four people are in various states of consciousness, it really isn’t that bad. Most breaks are spent finding food, making food, or collapsed on a bed. It’s part of why training trip can go so quickly, the time flies while sleeping or just resting and pretty soon it’s time to head out for practice once again. For now though, it’s time to relax and recover before the second day, I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.



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