January 7, 2008

To all those recruits that think Wisconsin is too cold - relax, it hit 65 degrees yesterday. Not bad for a January day right? Of course the weather also brought with it tornadoes.

As we were wrapping up dryland and about to head to the pool the sirens sounded. As much as I love the 30' high bank of windows on the far side of the pool and all of the natural light they bring, I wasn't too keen about standing in front of them with a tornado approaching. Shortly after telling the guys to change, a tornado nailed a transformer thus turning the athletic center (and locker room) pitch black.

Before the storm killed power, the TV and radio kept describing funnel clouds near Birch Road, Parkside, 12th street, Highway KR - namely all of the roads that surround my place. Of course, once the power went out we didn't need the news because the tornados clearly visible from the athletic center.

See video of a tornado approaching campus.

In addition to knocking out power to campus,the tornado tore the roof off the Camelot Apartments that I pass each time I ride my bike to campus. (That's their pool in the photo above). A dozen or so houses were destroyed and - thankfully - nobody was killed. With all of the police roadblocks up it took me about 25 minutes to make the four mile trip where my dog Splash - albiet a little shellshocked - was glad to see me. I didn't know how close the storm came to my place, until I started looking at photos tonight. The below photo was taken from my old apartment complex (the one that caught fire when I was living there) and shows the funnel passing over or just behind my house.

And I thought I'd left all these tornadoes when I moved out of Nebraska.



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